Applying the maturity model to vacation rental companies



As a vacation rental business owner or manager, continually improving your operating processes is how you’ve stayed ahead of the competition and kept up with new trends in the industry.  So far so good.  But what if there were some processes in the business you had a blind spot on?  If you don’t know where to look for those blind spots, you might have a few processes that are slowing down growth or consuming valuable time. 

The solution is to look at your business through the lens of what’s called the maturity model.  In a nutshell, a maturity model is the mapping out of how businesses in an industry operate (process by process) and define what those processes look like for each one.

I'm a big fan of models like this because they help managers orient themselves in uncharted waters. Identify where you are, then determine the next steps to get where you want to go. Matt Landau, founder of VRMB
The maturity model is the result of ongoing dialog with vacation rental company clients of all sizes. We hope that by looking at what others are doing, owners and managers will be able to unlock efficiencies and scale their businesses even further. Margot Schmorak, CEO of Hostfully


In this paper, we define a maturity model vacation rental owners or managers can use to map out their processes and see which ones need to be updated.

If you’re ready to take a fresh look at your business processes and unlock that untapped potential, download the maturity model report today:



The 10 major processes found in every vacation rental company


The first step to taking a fresh look at how your company operates is to map out each process involved in day-to-day operations.  Luckily, most vacation rental management companies operate more or less the same processes, ranging from accounting, to marketing, and operations 




The maturity model for each level of sophistication of a vacation rental company


With the 10 major categories defined, we look at what a mature vs less mature process is.  By knowing what the next level of sophistication of a process should be, you can then put in place concrete steps to reach the next level. 




What each level of maturity looks like


Where does your vacation rental company fit in this model?  Most industry professionals would be surprised to learn that their processes are more advanced than they realize.  But there’s always room for growth.  So why not take a peek at what the level of process maturity above yours looks like?




Ways to move forward along the maturity model


Growth doesn’t always mean growing your vacation rental portfolio.  Refining your processes could unlock efficiencies and give you and your team more time and resources to improve the bottom line.